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Smartmail for SAP

Have you ever wondered how much time your SAP users spend on preparing, executing, and archiving business correspondence? And how big the savings potential is?

If you can answer some of the following points with yes, please spend a few minutes learning how you can revolutionize your business correspondence by using SmartMail:

  • Your SAP documents are sent via email yet subject and body have to be written by hand in a time-consuming way.
  • You would like to reach multiple contacts at the same time.
  • Your users still send SAP documents by fax or even by mail.
  • You would like to have a fully-automated audit-safe archiving of your correspondence, linked with the corresponding SAP document.
  • You would like to group different documents for one recipient and send these bundled into one email.

What can SmartMail offer you?

  • Your SAP emails are pre-written automatically in the correspondence language of your business partner. By means of a highly-developed templating concept, nearly arbitrary information can be extracted from an SAP document automatically and embedded into the email which then looks consistent across the company.
  • All outgoing emails are archived fully automatically and linked with the SAP document. In the Customizing you can choose whether the archiving is performed via object services or via SAP DMS.
  • Email sender and recipient are automatically determined based on the SAP document.
  • Arbitrary Cc and Bcc addresses can be added, if desired also automatically.
  • SmartMail supports extensive file attachments. Associated documents can be retrieved and attached automatically from the document flow or from linked document info record.
  • Using the optional add-on PlotManager for SAP all underlying drawings can be attached to the email for inquiries and orders.
  • SmartMail is drag-and-drop enabled allowing for additional documents stored on the file system to be easily and comfortably attached.
  • Sending the email can be initiated manually from within the respective SAP transaction or completely automated in the background.
  • Customer-specific worklists can further increase comfort and also enable summarizing different documents into one email to a recipient.
  • A complete HTML editor is embedded into SmartMail which means the emails can be formatted freely.
  • SmartMail supports arbitrary communication languages including languages requiring double byte encoding. Currently, the operating languages DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, and ZH are available.
  • Optionally, completely automated invoice dispatch in the ZUGFeRD format is possible.
  • SmartMail was developed in a namespace specifically reserved with SAP.
  • Not only savings in terms of time but also in terms of material is possible – SmartMail supports your GreenIT efforts.
  • “Ready for SAP HANA DB”

When does SmartMail pay off for you?

  • How many SAP documents are sent from your system today?
  • How high do you estimate the effort for the manual wording of the email and the subsequent archiving and linking?
  • Amortization calculation:
    • We estimate by using SmartMail you can expect a savings per operation of five minutes on overage.
    • If 20 users create ten emails per day, this results in savings of about 1000 minutes per day – resulting in an amortization period of less than three weeks!